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A new appreciation for health care

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I started to feel like I was truly settled in this week.

One of the pharmacies we visited in Midtown Manhattan. The owner, a friendly New Yorker, told us about the challenges of the business and his strategies to keep traffic up in his store. It was his 25th year as a pharmacist in the retail independent pharmacy business!

A few coworkers, another intern and I traveled to New York to visit Kinray, a company that Cardinal Health acquired 3 years ago. Kinray is a pharmaceutical and generics wholesaler for retail independent pharmacies and is headquartered in Queens, New York.

During the first day of our trip, we met the Kinray marketing and sales teams to learn about their roles, operations and customer base. I was fascinated to hear that their customers in Manhattan covered such a wide range of cultures: latino, african american, russian, chinese and more. They explained how understanding the lifestyles and behaviors of each community played such a significant role in their marketing strategies (i.e. some market segments were more price-sensitive where others tended to be more brand-sensitive). After hearing Kinray’s business strategies and seeing the dedication to their customers, I felt that I had gained a whole new appreciation for marketing.

On the second day of our trip, one of the sales reps took us to visit a few of their retail independent pharmacy customers. After meeting the owners and seeing their passion for the business, I saw a whole new side and value to Cardinal’s impact on health care.

After saying goodbye to The Big Apple, I am happy to be back in Columbus.




2 Responses to A new appreciation for health care

  1. Sarah Steenrod says:

    I’m impressed that you have been on two business trips already! Visiting the retail independent pharmacy customers also sounds like a valuable learning opportunity.

  2. Margie B. says:

    Isn’t cool to see how things you learn in your classes make so much more sense when you see those concepts actually applied in a real business setting?

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