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A Day with Ernst & Young

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The animals I saw at the zoo on my scavenger hunt!

During my internship with ArcelorMittal, I am lucky enough to attend two Leadership programs put on by Big 4 accounting firms. My first was Ernst & Young’s Emerging Leaders Program. The two-day event took place during the second week of my internship so I was a little nervous about taking two days off so early but the program was absolutely worth it!

It began with a causal dinner and round of games at Dave and Busters in Columbus. I was paired up with two mentors, Aimee and Jessica. Aimee practices in both Assurance and Advisory while Jessica works in Assurance, but both of them are located at the Cleveland office, which is where I am the most interested in working. Talking with them was so easy going and not once did I feel like the night was a boring networking event. All the E&Y professionals were personable and eager to talk about their journey from student to CPA to team member with the firm.

The second day was at the Columbus Zoo which I was super excited about! I was paired with the same mentors again and the day consisted of small group sessions, speakers and real-life examples of how everyone can find their niche within such a large firm. My favorite part was “speed networking” where E&Y professionals were split up into eight tables all with topics such as Tax, Advisory, Assurance, Work/Life Balance, International Travel and Continuing Education. The students had seven minutes to hear as much as possible and ask any questions about each topic in order to find out more first-hand experiences. I found this extremely helpful and it opened my eyes to Advisory, a service line that I am now very interested in. The day wrapped up with a zoo scavenger hunt and I left the program feeling very impressed and motivated to attend more events with Ernst & Young.

I’m still deciding if public accounting is going to be a right fit for me and I am so lucky to be able to attend programs such as this one in order to better my understanding of a day in the life of a public accountant. Next up, PwC at the end of June!

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  1. Margie B. says:

    That is really awesome that ArcelorMittal gave you time to attend these programs sponsored by other companies during your summer of interning with them! That’s really a sign of flexibility on their part!!

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