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A euthanizing shot

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I did the dumbest thing this week.

Another intern and I were asked to help videotape the top 5 finalists of an innovation contest going on within Cardinal. We shot the video as the finalists prepared to present their idea to a panel of senior executives. While prepping one of the finalists, we joked about making him look younger in the shoot. He asked me to make the lighting as flattering as possible. Without thinking, I said, “don’t worry, we will make the shot very “youthanizing”". I was confused when he gave me a strange look, then realized what I had said after he left the room. I had told a high-level employee that we were getting him ready for death. I will never live that one down. Dumb mistakes will happen and I guess the best you can do is laugh at yourself!

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  1. Margie B. says:

    So nice that you would share this with everyone – we all make stupid mistakes, and the best thing to do is recover, laugh and move on. Oh and not make the same mistake twice!!

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