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My whole life I’ve been a huge Buckeyes fan and was beyond excited to be accepted into graduate school at Ohio State because that meant I would be an actual part of the buckeye family! Really, I just couldn’t wait to experience the athletics here and all the great sports teams Ohio State has. But since being a student at Ohio State, I’ve realized how much more I can experience as a buckeye.

In business, everyone you meet will tell you to network, network, network… and I have never heard that more in an company than I have with Shell. Relationships are a huge part of the culture at the company and thanks to my already built in Buckeye Network, I head a great head start on the networking process. The week I accepted my offer, my inbox was flooded with former OSU grads welcoming me to Shell and offering to answer any questions I had. One of those people happens to be on my work team now has helped me so much in my first few weeks just getting settled and introducing me to others as well. Another that reached out to me used to work in The Office of Career Management like me when she attended Ohio State and helped me in my apartment search before moving to Houston. She is someone I have already reached out to with many questions.

I could go on and on with all the buckeye connections I have at Shell, but I think you see my point. Networking isn’t something I’ve been great out in the past but having fellow buckeyes around to get me going has been one of the best things for me so far at Shell. Some of you reading may also feel shy or uncomfortable reaching out to someone “just to chat” but I encourage you to seek out Ohio Staters in your company to expand your network with them and beyond. Its amazing how many buckeyes you will find wherever your internship or job may be. They will be great resources for you if you need help with your work… or even just someone new to get lunch with.

Being a student at Ohio State opened so many doors to get me to Shell, and has opened even more since being here. I am extremely lucky and proud to be a part of this network and know it is one that will be important for the rest of my life.


My Friend Ashley & I at my first OSU Football game!

2 Responses to My Buckeye Network

  1. Margie B. says:

    Love it! So easy to be proud to be a Buckeye – and most people feel such pride that they are definitely willing to help out others – especially students!!

  2. Amanda Rose says:

    Thanks, Margie! It’s been great all the support I’m getting from my fellow Buckeyes! I’ve had some great meetings with Sarah Marsden too. I’m so glad you all told me to get to know her even before the summer. It has helped so much!

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