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My Fisher Internship
Where did that month go?!

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I cannot believe that I am already done with my first month of my internship. It has flown by! This month has been full of new experiences from learning how to be efficient in meetings to networking at out of office events. All in all, it has been a fantastic experience.

One main thing I have learned so far is that there is not necessarily one right way to get to the same outcome. In school, you usually are given a project with a rubric leading you in the direction of what the finish project should look like. But in my internship, I was simply given a future “end result” to reach, and it was my responsibility to find a way to make that goal a reality. At first I was pretty overwhelmed, but then I realized it is actually an amazing opportunity. I have the freedom to use my creativity and knowledge in anyway I can to reach my end goal.

Having this flexibility allows me to try all sorts of new things. For example, my project requires me to have one-on-one meetings with Talent Managers from all across the tire plants in North America. One day this past week, I spoke with a HR Manager from Topeka, Kansas and then in the same afternoon I hosted a conference call with talent managers from Northern Canada! Crazy!

I am learning so much- and I am not just saying that- ask me how a tire is made, or what thread is best in different weather conditions and I’ll hook you up.

I also asked if interns can ride in the blimp and I was answered with snickers and laughs…I guess that is a no…

Thanks for reading!!

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