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Already Finishing Week 2!

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I can’t believe I have already finished my first two weeks with ArcelorMittal – time is flying by. The most exciting part of week 2 was that I finally got into a daily routine of projects and tasks I can do. My title is Associate Financial Analyst – Intern but as of right now, I believe the job involves much more than finance.

Everyday I get to sort through the four major raw materials that go into making molten iron (that will eventually become steel). Of those materials, they all arrive to the plant in different ways: train, truck and boat. This means I spend good amount of time reconciling invoices, doing basic inventory and making sure what the company is being billed for actually showed up to the plant. Each material, however, uses a different system to show consumption by the plant which means I have had to learn how to use multiple computer programs and input data into Excel sheets that all deal with information differently. I have used more computer skills (thank you, CSE 2111) in the past week than any accounting skills. I’m interested to see if that continues for the next 10 weeks.

The most challenging part of my internship so far is definitely the transition from full-time student to full-time intern. As a student, I am used to breaks throughout the day and a much more active lifestyle. Working eight hours a day means the midday nap is gone and there is significantly more sitting at a desk than walking anywhere. I am confident that I will adapt and get used to my new schedule but it’s funny that I was nervous about the projects and tasks being too challenging and right now, my actual challenge is that I want to take a nap everyday at 2 pm.

Below is a link to a youtube video explaining the steel making process. I never knew any of this information prior to my internship, but it is very interesting and pretty cool to watch. Note- the plant in the video is not ArcelorMittal, but it’s a very similar process across the entire steel-making industry.


2 Responses to Already Finishing Week 2!

  1. Madison Carroll says:


    You are the best blogger on the web! I am so proud of you! Steel = so cool!

    Wishing you all the best,


  2. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    Thanks for sharing the video – awesome! It’s important to see the bigger picture of what the company is all about in addition to your projects — really helps put your contribution into perspective!

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