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First Day: Complete

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Check out the boots I get to wear as part of my PPE!

Today I began my journey as an intern in the steel industry. I arrived at ArcelorMittal in downtown Cleveland at 8 am and was excited to meet seven other interns. However, after introductions I realized that all seven of them were mechanical and electrical engineers and I was the only financial intern. But, of all eight of us, six are current students at Ohio State! It was nice to be with fellow Buckeyes but I did notice that all seven other interns were rising seniors and I was the only one who was on their first internship. I took advantage of this and asked some of the old interns about their prior experiences with weekly hours, dress codes, lunch breaks and other little things I could think of. Their answers were very helpful!

The most interesting part of my day was watching a short video about the steel making process and then getting fitted for PPE, Personal Protective Equipment. All the other interns are assigned different departments that actually work in the steel mill facilities that require PPE (I am in the corporate building), but I got PPE because on Wednesday we get to tour the plant!

ArcelorMittal made it clear that safety is their #1 goal and my second day is going to be spent doing Safety Training with the other seven interns so we all know how to be safe around the giant machines/cranes/trucks/trains that are in the facilities.

After my first day I can say that I am no longer nervous at all; I am excited and ready to get into my internship and start my projects. I look forward to the rest of this week as I get acclimated with the company and my peers.

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