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Cali, I’m Falling for You!

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I’m finally in California!!  The three-day drive across the country wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  My favorite part of the drive was northern Arizona—simply stunning.  I consider myself an urban girl at heart, but driving through Arizona brought out the inner mountaineer in me.  That might be a stretch, but if you ever have the chance to make the drive through top of Arizona, DO IT.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Northern Arizona.

I’m already falling in love with Orange County.  My parents stayed the weekend and we drove down Pacific Coast Highway.  For anyone that watched Laguna Beach, let me tell you it’s 20x better in real life (and that show was clearly the best thing MTV ever aired, right?!).  There are a ton of cute shops and the beach area is just so beachy and happy!  I know that sounds childish, but everyone we came across seemed to emulate some sort of inner joy.

I mean I-270 has views are almost as scenic as Pacific Coast Highway…

As for my internship, my first two days have been awesome! I already have so much respect for Ford Motor Company.  Today I met with my two managers who I will be reporting to this summer.  We spoke about what they expect from me and also what I hope to gain from this experience.  After speaking with them, I really do hope to leave a footprint here at Ford and can’t wait to get started on my project!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store the rest of the week—our office is holding the annual West region meeting, so I will be able to meet managers and employees from the Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver offices.

As an ending to my first post, let me just say the avocados out here are FANTASTIC.


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