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Preparing for a New Kind of First Day

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Hello everyone, my name is Kelly and I am so incredibly excited to start my first ever internship. It’s crazy how not even four months ago I was preparing for my first career fair and now, here I am! As only a rising junior, I only went to the career fair to scope it out and see what it would be like for when I would go as a junior. I counted myself out about getting an internship because of my inexperience in the business world and because I was not able to relocate for the summer anywhere outside of Cleveland, Ohio. But, lots of preparation and practice really paid off and two companies asked me to interview the day after the career fair! Six weeks later, I received a call from ArcelorMittal and I accepted their offer to be an Associate Financial Analyst Intern at their Cleveland location.

I start on May 13 and I cannot wait to get into the office and see what I am going to be doing. When I interviewed I was told that there was only going to be one financial intern so I am nervous but ready for the challenges I might face.

I have two goals for the next 12 weeks as an intern: apply my in class knowledge to real world problems and gain skills that can be used in any business setting, no matter what industry. I am confidant that I can bring new ideas to my tasks and projects but I really hope to learn how to work well with professionals, how to manage positive (and negative) feedback and how to work everyday in a corporate workplace.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Meg Flood says:

    Good luck Kelly- I know you will do great!! Can’t wait to hear more about your summer!

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