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First Week at Goodyear!

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Hi everyone! I’m Annie, about to be a junior studying human resources  (make time stop please?) I have just completed my first week as an HR intern with Goodyear in Akron, OH!

One word can sum up my first week: overwhelming. But, overwhelming in the best way! From meeting everyone in my office, finding my way to my desk through the huge building, and understanding how Goodyear functions. I have already learned so much and I can only imagine what I will learn these next few months.

My internship is with the Talent acquisition team. This team is responsible for finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring the best candidates to fill roles in Goodyear. I have my own project that I will work on all summer and reveal the finish product at the end of my internship. So much needs to be done and I am looking forward to getting started on it! 

Some things I have learned my first week:

Always ALWAYS ask questions about what you don’t understand or are not familiar with. I make it a point to either ask right away, or I write it down so I remember to ask later.

Remember the people you have met. I try to have a notebook with me so I can jot down names and titles of the associates I meet throughout the day.

Meet other interns! We eat lunch together which is a nice break where we can exchange stories and just get to know each other.

Learn to love coffee. Caffeine and I have always had a strong relationship but this first week my need for coffee has escalated to probably unhealthy levels (whoops). These 8am-5pm days really get the best of me.

Thanks for reading my first post guys! I will try to blog each week! :)


2 Responses to First Week at Goodyear!

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Hi Annie – thanks for the update on your internship at Goodyear and good luck managing your coffee consumption.

  2. Margie Bogenschutz says:

    A lot of your advice is targeted to taking the time to network – yay! We always tell students how important that is – so glad you are learning that lesson and sharing it!

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