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My Fisher Internship
Pushing to the End

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In my final weeks at Ford Motor Company, I found myself working a lot of long hours doing some intense analysis. I created my own project looking at up-and-coming technologies and I wanted to make sure I covered every base. I began by working out what I wanted to solve. I set up a framework and then began answering questions to make my final recommendations.

Advice: Don’t get ahead of yourself! Write down everything you’re thinking and then go back and edit! I used a whiteboard in one of the rooms and just wrote down every idea I had! This was great to get the creative juices flowing!

I think this advice is important in whatever you do. Don’t just go straight to work on a school project or presentation. Sit back and think about what you want to highlight and THEN cut back into a manageable and feasible project! I can’t wait to use this advice as classes begin this semester!

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