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Hugs and Kisses – Culture at Dow

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Loons Game with the Brazil Team

Week one of working with The Dow Chemical Company was an abrupt contrast to the somber corporate accounting department I was expecting to be a part of.  It was week 3 of co-location and the Brazil team was getting ready to head back home.  To my surprise the level of emotion in the room was quickly escalating as the group began to exchange hugs and kisses.  Even as the new intern who had been sitting quietly in the corner for the past four days, I somehow was included in the farewell.  One of my co-workers seemed to be tearing up and before I knew it the team’s ‘theme song’ (Call Me Maybe, of course) started blaring on a smart phone.  That’s the moment I began to realize that Dow’s culture is a little – no – a lot different than what I was expecting to see in a Fortune 50 company.

Over the past couple months I’ve noticed that despite the fact that Dow is a huge corporation you develop relationships that make you feel like you are part of one big family.  Now this might sound strange and when people told me about the “Dow family” when I first started I was a little skeptical, but the quality of interactions that you have with co-workers really do create an extremely comfortable work environment.  Integrity and respect are at the top of everyone’s value list and the work place is kept completelyt transparent.  This environment really facilitated my ability to complete my projects because I never had to hesitate to ask for help, and everyone was willing to make time for me. I even had the opportunity to meet with several people in managerial positions to discuss their career paths and perspectives of Dow.

I also noticed that almost everyone I have been working closely with are extremely hard workers. They would put in extra hours not because of external pressures but because they are motivated.  Most of my group takes their workstations (company laptops) home and spend a couple hours answering emails in the evenings or mornings before coming in.  Thanks to VPN Dow employees can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection which allows for increased flexibility.

Overall the culture here is very inviting.   You are given a lot of freedom to do your job, but on the same note you are expected to perform.  The best part is that you will always have the support of your team and your co-workers no matter where they are or what position they hold, they all quickly become a part of your Dow family.

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