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Coming into the 10th and final week of my internship at Exel, I thought that I’d give a list of advice that I learned while interning this summer.


  • Always have a pen and a notebook with you. I don’t know how many times I might be walking from a meeting or sitting at my desk and all of sudden encountered a colleague that had a project for me and gave me the instructions on the spot. Not only does it give the message that you’re prepared, but it’ll keep you from spamming your coworkers emails. There were tons of pens and small notebooks in the supply closet at my office and I definitely used them.
  • If you have a question, ASK IT! One of my managers told me at the beginning of my internship that anyone that has spent less than 5 months in their position who says that they know what they’re doing is lying. Everyone knows that you’re an intern and that you definitely don’t have all the answers, so they’re always willing to answer them.
  • Get LinkedIn with your managers and colleagues! You never know if they can connect you with a recruiter, give you a recommendation or give you advice on something.



  • Bring something to lighten up your cubicle. I’m not one to go around and decorate everything, but I did go out and got an Ohio State flag to put up on my dorm wall and that was it. If you’re going to be spending 8+ hours in your cubicle 5 days a week, it helps on those slow days if your cubicle doesn’t have plain vanilla walls that look like they were imported from the local insane asylum. (Rags from basketball/football games, bumperstickers [as long as you can remove them without damage, sticky tac or pins come in handy here], flags, and anything moderately small and non-offensive or controversial work well)

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