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My Fisher Internship
Words of Wisdom

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Throughout the Summer I have been on different calls with different facets of the company, as well as had a team that was not afraid to share their thoughts. Throughout the summer I jotted down words of advice that really resonated with me.

Words of Wisdom from around the office:

  • Happiness is most important and people can tell when you aren’t happy.
  • Don’t be a Diva. Sometimes you have to do work you don’t like to get where you want to be.
  • When you don’t see work as a challenge and only see it as work… It is time to move on.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask if you want something, just be aware of when you have asked for too much.
  • Everything happens for a reason and all you can do is your best.
  • You are never going to know everything.
  • Be proud of what you do, you are your own biggest cheerleader.

A fellow intern and I with the Sears Tower in the background


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