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Word of the week: “offer”

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Offer. Offer offer offer. Offer, offer? Offer.

For the past week I think I’ve heard the word “offer” more times than ever before in my life, and never has it been so loaded with anxiety.  This is the week when full-time offers will be given to the interns that American Greetings would like to have back after graduation, and everyone is on edge waiting to see if they’ll get the invitation to return.

Of course we would all love a full-time offer, because with it comes security and peace of mind that we won’t be starving on the streets trying to pay off student loans the day after commencement.  It also provides the reassurance that you’ve lived up to your employer’s expectations, which is a huge achievement in a reputable company.

Most importantly, though, I am after an offer because I would like to know that AG has enjoyed me as much as I’ve enjoyed it.  To know that the people that I’ve worked with over the summer think that I am worthy of a position would be the greatest compliment I could ever receive, and so I have my fingers crossed that this week brings some good news in the form of a letter containing the word “congratulations.”

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