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My Fisher Internship
What up, dorm life?

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Nothing makes you appreciate the closet-sized room that you have on campus like sharing a one-person hotel room with a complete stranger for ten weeks.

I guess we’re starting with the bad news first.  It’s true; my company has squeezed eighteen interns into nine rooms within an extended-stay hotel.  The rooms are as small as you might be afraid to imagine, consisting of a kitchenette, a bathroom, a desk, and a queen and twin bed separated by no more than one foot of space.  Any possibility of personal space has been negated from day one.

So yes, my living situation for the summer has been less than ideal, but there is a silver lining, I promise.  Actually a lot of it. Much, much more than I could have ever imagined, given the circumstances.  So here it is; the good news:

American Greetings has provided the housing in full, the rooms are clean and newly renovated, Carol our cleaning lady comes once a week to change towels, sheets, etc, and lastly (and most importantly), I could not have been placed with a better roommate.

Michelle is from Fisher as well, and although I only just met her a few weeks ago, I now feel like I’ve known her for years.  We get along famously not just as roommates, but as friends and coworkers, too.  She has been a huge contributing factor to my satisfaction with my summer internship, and I am grateful to have had such a positive experience.

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