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My Fisher Internship
Greetings from Marysville!

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I have now spent nearly 6 weeks interning at the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company’s (collectively known as “Scotts”) corporate headquarters located here in Marysville, Ohio. Its’ location is about a 30 minute drive from Ohio State, but I was fortunate to be able to rent an apartment only 10 minutes away from Scotts. I still have over 4 months left, as I am a supply chain co-op.

Currently, I am going through a bittersweet time as the summer interns have begun leaving in order to go back to their respective colleges/universities. Having to say goodbye to people who I have grown so fond of in a matter of weeks has been quite tearful. But at the same time, I’m excited that I still have time to grow (no pun intended!) here at Scotts. I work under the Orders-to-Cash (OTC) division, which deals with customer service.  The biggest project that I am working on right now is overseeing the whole process to either create/revise OTC policies that will be added to the list of Scotts existing policies on our intranet. These policies, once implemented, have the potential to save Scotts millions of dollars in the long run. While this is a lengthy process, it is a great feeling to be able to contribute something of that much value.

Til next time <3

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