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Relationships With Co-workers

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Friendships with co-workers can be tricky.  Obviously everyone wants to be friendly, however it can become tricky at work.  This isn’t a new problem either, its been a tough topic for years.  There can be issues with scandalous events becoming the topic of conversation, there can embarrassing photos from Facebook, or there is the always tempting office prank gone too far.  Over the summer, I feel I have learned the best way to relate and hang out with people you work with.

1.  Always assume that what you do around your coworkers will become common knowledge at the office.  Let’s be honest, the office can get a little dull, and the number one way people will entertain themselves during breaks is to talk about other people in the office.  I don’t think people gossip out of malice, rather its just entertaining.  Plus, who better to talk about then somebody everybody knows, and only uninteresting talk about celebrities.

2. Office romance is just a bad idea.  In my opinion, it would take two very special individuals to have a successful office romance.  It would require complete openness and honesty, and that’s just not typical of the one night stand that is most office romances.  In fact, during my time out here there has actually been a one night office romance among two interns, and the joking still has not ceased.

3.  LinkedIn=best friend. Facebook=worst enemy.  There is nothing wrong with adding work friends to your network on LinkedIn, but I feel that Facebook is just to condemning.  I don’t care who you are, there are always photos that you do not want to see on the wall at the office.  That’s why I think it best to not even use Facebook when it comes to office friends.

Respect is always on the line with coworkers.  Therefore, until deep level of friendship is reached among coworkers, I think its best to stay on your guard.

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