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My Fisher Internship
Finance Bootcamp at JNJ

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I’d just like to say I know the abbreviation is technically J&J, but I personally like typing JNJ since it’s a) easier to type and b) Johnson and Johnson’s ticker.  …Yep, that was my announcement… ha!

Wow, long time no update!  Sorry about that!!!

I decided to make a vlog for this entry, woot woot!  Find it linked below:
Finance Bootcamp at JNJ
I plan on making the next two entries vlogs as well, with some visual slides–we’ll see how that goes!

I’d just like to give a short summary of Finance Bootcamp:

  1. It took place over 2 days: July 16th and 17th at Raritan, NJ
  2. Involved all of the finance/accounting co-ops within the NJ and eastern PA area
  3. It was lots of fun!  Watch my video for some more info.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  Who knows, if you decide to do a co-op with JNJ in this region, you may go through a very similar bootcamp as well ;)

Three cheers for JNJ and the Olympics (Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!),



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