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Chicago Cuisine

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I am now entering my 9th week here at Accenture in Chicago. I have had many opportunities to explore the city of Chicago, as well as the different food offerings. Below are my top 7 places to visit on your next Chicago visit. Warning: Do not read this if you are hungry!
1. Chicago Style Hot Dog- Portillo’s made the Chicago dog famous. With the sesame seed bun, pickle, relish, onions, and other toppings it is an experience I only really needed to enjoy once. However, it is an absolute must.
2. Garrett’s Popcorn- The Chicago Mix, caramel and cheese popcorn mixed together. It literally melts in your mouth and is to die for.
3. O’Briens- They have a small branch restaurant open on the river. It was the best burger I have ever eaten as well as the best view. On a warm summer day looking at the Trump tower and Chicago skyline is a memory I won’t forget.
4. Taste of Chicago- In case you don’t have time to visit all these places, if you are in town for the Taste of Chicago it is a great place to have a taste of all of these items. This year it took place in the second week of July. Cheesecake, Fried Mac and Cheese bites, and Gelato were a few of my favorites.
5. Food Trucks- Outside the Aon Center where I work every day there are 3-4 trucks selling their cuisine. My favorite is the BBQ tacos truck.
6. Roti- I consider it to be a Mediterranean version of Chipotle. Their hummus and falafel are the best in town. I will for sure miss this place when I have to go back to OSU.
7. Deep Dish Chicago Pizza- There is three main places: Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, and Giordano’s. All three have different takes on this classic between different crust types and toppings. Lou Malnati’s is my personal favorite.

Me and Lou Malnati's Pizza. So good!

There are plenty of upscale dining in Chicago as well. Because I am a college student, I didn’t really partake in this too much. However, next time I am here, I will be fully employed so I will experience the fine dining.

Until next time,
Erin Frederick

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