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My Fisher Internship
So many Interns!

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The past two days, Exel has put together a program for all of their interns, including interns not working in the Exel Americas headquarters in Westerville. I got to meet interns from the operation side that work in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Overall, I think that it was a very well run and insightful program. They brought in the VP of Talent Management (HR) to give us a more in depth view of HR. The biggest thingĀ I took away is how big of a role that HR can play in helping you to move within the company, whether it be a vertical or lateral move. At Exel, they encourage managers to “export” talent. One of the problems companies often face is that managers will get employees that do very good work and they are reluctant to “lose” that talent.

The big event of the past two days though was a presentation that each intern gave to a grab bag group of managers covering the projects that they completed this summer. We spent Monday working on our presenting skills and Tuesday actually presenting. There were quite a few Finance managers, a few Integrated Logistics Design managers, but only one Accounting manager.

Also, there was a networking event, paid for by Exel of course, at a Clippers baseball game that was attended by managers of the company. It was a very relaxed setting. We were on the terrace where they ordered food and we were free to mingle with managers as we pleased.

Overall, I got to meet a lot of people, especially other interns. While there are quite a few at the campus that I work at, we very rarely see each other.

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