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My Fisher Internship
So. Much. Glitter.

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Have you ever noticed how ubiquitous greeting cards are? Neither did I until I started working for company behind the most widely traded greeting cards worldwide.  Cards are everywhere, though, when you think about it, and I bet you can name at least 15 grocery stores, convenience stores, or pharmacies where you could pick one up this minute.

You might not think there’s much of a science to displaying cards. Oh contraire. The process is all about balance:  balance of color, design type, message, degree of intimacy, caption, amount of copy, fold type, finishings, price, and so much more.  A lot of what I do revolves around maintaining this balance for each occasion by categorizing cards in the line for each of these attributes.

We work on seasonal occasions (Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, etc.) about ten months prior to the holiday itself.  This summer I’ve helped decide which cards will be featured and how they will be displayed for Mother’s Day, Graduation, and Father’s Day of 2013.  It’s actually pretty bizarre to think that this May, I could very well receive a graduation card that I helped develop. Whoa.

Since June, I’ve easily read and analyzed over a thousand cards, and I can say with confidence that I will never, ever look at a greeting card the same way again.

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