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How Does My Time At OSU Relate?

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I don’t know about anyone else, but this is something that I used to always wonder while in class at OSU.  I used to sit there and think “I don’t see how any of this is ever going to help me”.  And now I feel that I finally have at least a partial answer.

First, by far the most important class for business students at OSU is (or was) CSE 200, with a close second being BUSMGT 331.  My reasoning?  In today’s business world technology is king.  No matter how good at accounting you are, how analytic your mind is, how good at networking you are, etc. if you can’t use the computer at your work station you won’t last long in your job.

Next, I’d say another very important class is BUSADM 499.01.  I think that the business world is a bit unique in the way that your work does not always define how you’re judged, and if any class at OSU prepares you to spin something favorably, it’s 499.  Not only do you go through different tests that teach you to justify actions in different ways, but you learn public speaking skills that will be used to persuade a room rather than just one person.

I feel that a mastery of the skills described above would create a very qualified employee.  He/she would be prepared to work hard, please bosses and clients, and speak in front of a crowd.

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