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Living the Chicago Life

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Aakanksha and Sam, my friends from OSU, came to visit!

I have only three more weeks before I head back to Columbus! The summer is flying by and soon enough we will all be back for football Saturdays and late study sessions in Mason. One of the great things about an internship is not only the exposure to new work but the chance to live in a different city. I have been fortunate enough to live downtown right off Michigan Avenue across from Grant Park and have done my fair share of exploring.

Below is my Chicago bucket list:
1. Walk down by the Lake and along the river: It is beautiful and if I was a decent runner I would run by it every day. Chicago in the summer is the best. If you have time a boat tour is a must!
2. Visit Millennium and Grant Park: Home of the infamous “bean”, however the gardens and Buckingham fountain are what I care about.
3. Top of Sears (now Willis Tower): I haven’t completed this item yet. Everywhere in Chicago are tourists so the best days to go are on the weekdays. I plan on going after work one day.
4. Ride (aka Get lost) on the L: There are interesting characters everywhere so seeing the people you run into on the train can be entertaining. Plus getting around by L is so easy and convenient.
5. Window Shop on Michigan Avenue: While Accenture interns are paid well some parts of Michigan Avenue are well out of my price range. But looking never hurt anyone!
6. Eat the local cuisine: Hot Dogs, Pizza, Popcorn… I have another blog coming on this topic.
7. Walk everywhere: There are so many shops, buildings and streets that the only way you can take it all in is by exploring.
Chicago is a great place to live for 10 weeks in the summer. However I am very excited to be going back home to OSU to see my friends and live in a room bigger than a closet!
Until next time,
Erin Frederick

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