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My Fisher Internship
What?! School Prepares You for Work?!

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This week I’m switching it up from tips for some much-needed reflection.  I have to say that I can’t imagine a better program to prepare me for an internship with the Big Four than Fisher’s Accounting Honors Program.

A huge part of my internship is examining tax compliance work from a prior year and preparing workpapers and returns for the current year.  I’ve also been able to work on provision-to-return review and a few research projects as well.  While it’s helpful to have examples to reference, there are certainly no step-by-step instructions on how to complete a tax return.  Not only do companies have changing operations and performance every year, but there are also new tax regulations that all tax return preparers must research.

This is where the Accounting Honors Program comes in.  While class topics differ, the past two years of coursework has focused on helping students develop strong analytical and problem solving skills.  Working in Mason Hall for hours with classmates on what can only be considered a crazy, nearly impossible problem gives you a certain determination to find a solution and ask necessary questions along the way.  I have to admit that many students and employees out there in the workforce already struggle to find that patience and determination to solve problems and do the necessary research to complete projects on their own.  I’m certainly not suggesting you spin your wheels or refrain from asking questions, but it’s a good exercise to work at a problem and try a few different approaches before asking for more help. You might surprise yourself and find a solution all on your own!

Oh yeah, and I miss these kids…can you tell I highly recommend Fisher?!?!

Accounting Honors Class of 2013

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