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Don’t show up empty handed for the meeting!

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“Mengjia, let’s go to the meeting……” my supervisor just called me and asked me to attend their weekly meeting.

This is coming so fast. First of all, I’ve never seen an all-employee-together meeting before and I’ve already been here for four weeks. Second of all, what do they need me for? I just stood there in shock and then entered into the board room with my colleague. I felt happy because I felt I had been considered as part of the company.

But when I sat down, I suddenly realized I had not brought anything to the meeting and everybody else had PENS and PAPER! This meeting was not formal at all. Because our office acquired an accounting department from a law firm, our meeting today was to focus on how to get ready for the change of the office desk arrangements, etc. Even though it wasn’t formal, I noticed my colleague taking notes, but I wasn’t. Thankfully, the Irish business environment is more casual, so there wasn’t too much attention put on me for not taking notes.

So I definitely learned something here: no matter how suddenly the meetings pop up or how important they are, bring your paper and make your co-workers know you are always ready. If you really want your co-workers and bosses to value you as a detail-oriented and dependable person, always be prepared to take notes at a meeting.

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