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Rapid Rides

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I hear the low rumbling of the rapid transit approaching and my standard leisurely stroll becomes a full out sprint, and I flail and stumble to the rapid station in my suit and heels. I avoid eye contact with the amused passengers, slide sheepishly into a seat and breathe a sigh of relief as I settle in for the thirty minute journey downtown. I gaze out the window at the magnificent houses in Shaker and wonder which house belongs to the important looking businessman hopping onto the train at South Park. I notice a tired older woman trudging onto the rapid as we approach downtown, at a stop which is next to the ghost of a playground featuring a rusted skeleton of a swing set. Such a diverse and colorful array of people from different walks of life, which public transportation gloriously squishes together so that everyone attains an equal level of discomfort.

Where the journey begins...

My current rapid ride reading selection is Texasville by Larry McMurtry. My favorite line from the novel states, “That’s a great gift, to be able to lift people’s spirits just by showing up.” The program director of the KeyBank internship, Nitra, said on our first day, “Be Memorable.” I think oftentimes, the differentiating factor between a good employee and a remarkable employee comes down to attitude. I have learned that a huge component of investment banking is relationships: relationships with fellow group members, relationships with other bank departments, relationships with the bank’s clients. If you are an indefatigable source of positive energy and vivaciousness, and your colleagues and clients enjoy merely basking in your awesome, uplifting presence, then you have already won half the battle. Every day I try to bring my own energy and light to Key Tower, and I hope that when my ten week internship comes to an end, it will seem as though a corner streetlight has gone out in the Key metropolis. The one streetlight may seem insignificant when considering the expansive city, but everyone on the corner will notice…

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