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Alec Baldwin!

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One of the many unique things about this internship at the Met Opera Guild is that there is a Professional Development aspect.  Every Wednesday, a small group of us meets to discuss whatever reading or PD exercise we may have been assigned for that week.  Most recently, we discussed chapters of Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell and Good to Great and the Social Sectors by Jim Collins.  Collins takes his ideas in his better-known book Good to Great and applies them to the non-profit sector.  Very insightful.

This week we’ll be working on resumes and other important life things.  I’m not sure that other internships offer this kind of class for their interns, but it’s wonderful.  It’s kind of like HR 701: Part II, except with seven people this time.

We were also told today that we can start thinking about setting up some interviews with various staff members we want to ask career questions!  Huzzah!

The work-y part of work is also still going splendidly.  Lots of doing, lots of learning, sometimes in that order.  Note to self: being assigned multiple projects at a time provides a good way to break up the day so that I don’t stare at one thing for too long.

In other news, it’s really hot here, just like everywhere else in the U.S. apparently.

This is also unrelated, but I need to tell the world: I’m waiting anxiously for the call announcing that I am an aunt (again)!  Congrats James and Sarah!  On the house AND the kid.  It’s a good month for the Steele clan.

My mediocre-at-best camera's image of Alan Gilbert and the New York Phil on the Great Lawn in Central Park.

View from Central Park of fireworks in midtown following the concert!







On the docket for fun and exciting city things:

A Mets game is in my future.  Soon.  They’re playing the Dodgers this weekend, so I’m hoping to see one of the games with some friends.  I’m trying to decide whether or not my desire for a flat bill Mets hat outweighs how foolish it would look on me.  What I really want is a Yankees hat, but wearing that to a Mets game is completely out of the question.  Big decisions.

Also approaching are the Met Opera’s summer recital series, the Mostly Mozart Festival, and various other fabulous events by amazing groups.  (Fun episode of the week: I saw Alec Baldwin at the NY Philharmonic concert.  You can be jealous if you want.)

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