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Tip #3: Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

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It is imperative as an intern to find a mentor – not only to help you build your network and stay in touch after your internship, but also to maintain sanity during your internship!

I am lucky to have several mentors here at KPMG already.  One of the great things about the company’s internship program is that each intern is automatically paired with an associate in a formal mentor relationship.  My “official” mentor is Mindy Moore, a fed tax associate who started with KPMG in January.  Because she is so new to the company, she recently went through exactly what I’m going through now, so she is able to help me with any logistical or technical questions I may have.  At the same time, she has been through a major busy season already, so she has had incredible work experience and insights to share with me.

I have a number of “unofficial” mentors at KPMG as well.  Aimee Hoke, a senior associate, was one of the major players in my recruiting process with the firm, and our relationship has continued through my internship.  She also graduated from OSU with a combined BSBA/MAcc degree and has clearly made her mark in tax as a young professional.  Lastly, Brian Campbell, a tax partner in fed tax, is also a mentor to me as I am consistently motivated to make him proud to have me as a member of his team.  He is an inspiring leader and one of the most personable professionals I’ve met anywhere.  He is the type of leader I want to be someday.

While it is helpful to have mentors, it is also important to be a mentor to others.  This Friday I had the pleasure of speaking with high school students about my experience in accounting at a Big Four firm.  These students participate in a Young Scholars diversity program, one that helps them find a career path and motivates them to follow that path.  It was refreshing to hear these students ask insightful questions and force me and other panel members to really reflect on our paths thus far and our plans for the future.  Of course, it was wonderful to hear one student say, “well, sign me up!” at the conclusion of the event.

I hope that I can be the mentor that Aimee, Mindy, and Brian have all been to me!

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