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My Fisher Internship
The Discover Culture

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One of the things that has really struck me about my work at Discover is the aura friendliness and helpfulness.  Since day one, Discover has been a very relaxed and fun place to work, which is not at all how I thought it would be.  I really thought it would be more like this.  However, I was much happier to find out that my manager trusted me to do my work as a professional.  Discover prides itself on being a company of respect in which there is a sense of mutual respect from all the people at Discover as well as an open door policy with every person at Discover, including the CEO.

Because of this culture, I have really enjoyed working for my manager, Tara.  Tara and I have worked very well together and she has even gone out of her way to help me.  I have already gone out on a couple team outings with the global merchant marketing team at Discover and have actually really enjoyed myself.  They were a lot less lame then I originally thought they would be.  At one of them we played whirlyball, and if you don’t know what whirlyball is, here you go.  Its more fun then it looks.  All in all, I have really enjoyed working with my superiors, especially because I’m not afraid of them.

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