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Take your child to work day

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Remember Take Your Child to Work Day? Yeah. Let those memories just come pouring in for a second.

Being on the opposite side of the equation – the side where you’re not the one running to the supply closet every ten minutes pretending to be your mom or dad’s oh-so-necessary personal assistant for a singular 8-hour work day – is possibly one of the most profound reality checks I have ever experienced.  When did I become the grown-up in awe of all the juxtaposed youth running around the maze of cubicles?

As nostalgia sets in and I look fondly back on such rites of passage as Take Your Child to Work Day, I realize what made this pseudo-holiday so exhilarating as a kid:  for one day, you got to be an adult.  You were an involved, invested, and contributing asset to a corporation, and this taste of responsibility and respect was the greatest feeling in the world (aside from winning your recess soccer match, of course).

And then suddenly and without warning, you realize that you are are living this lifestyle that you so desired as a child.  You are the grown-up that you used to idolize and mimic to a tee, and whose life you lived for one too-short day a year. This revelation may not bring you back to your childhood in the most expected of ways, but once you realize that you’ve somehow become what Little You always wanted to be, you discover a whole new kind of satisfaction.

I mean, we can't be adults all the time...

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