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My Fisher Internship
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The Samuel B. and David Rose Building, home of the Metropolitan Opera Guild and Opera News (and plenty more performing arts orgs), is the taller one. Occasionally, we eat on the (random) grassy rooftop across the street.

After hearing some of my peers’ horror stories about internships and being warned to be careful to find one that doesn’t waste my time, I must say that I am beyond pleased with my first three weeks at the Met  Opera Guild. (Wait…Has it really been three weeks?)

And let me tell you: I have learned a whole lot so far.  Here’s a brief synopsis:

Now I’m beginning to understand…

1. What development actually means to an organization.  There are a lot of layers, and it goes well beyond just fundraising.  Advice for Fisher students: pay attention to your case study memos.  Writing is a big deal.

2. How all of the departments in an organization fit together.  Because the Guild office is relatively small compared to the Big Four or other larger firms, I’ve been able to work with and get to know the people in a number of departments and see the Guild as a bigger picture outside of my individual work.

3. What’s important to me in a career.  I think a lot of people feel this way, but it just took me a while to realize their importance: people, work environment, and mission are all things that I need to feel connected to in a career.  It’s important to know that my work is contributing to the organization and that the organization is contributing to society.  I hope that’s not too quarter-life-crisis-y of me.  More advice: figure out what you are truly looking for in your career.  Everybody values different things, so don’t let other people tell you what should be most important to you.  That’s your job to figure out.

Now, related to my adventures outside of work: for those of you visiting New York City at any point in time, here are some things you NEED to do:

1. Go to MoMA.  Best museum ever.  (And it’s free on Friday afternoons.)  I just kind of accidentally stumbled upon Starry Night yesterday…not a big deal.

2. Check out some shows at the Lincoln Center.  Last week I saw The Dream/Firebird, and it was incredible.  In two weeks: New York Philharmonic and the most epic program of all time.

3. Walk everywhere and people-watch.  This is my favorite thing to do.  Check out this fun NY Times piece.

Thanks for reading-more updates on the way!

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