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Lesson for the day!

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It’s been the fifth week of my internship. I’ve done a lot of things for my supervisor and other co-workers already. I feel like I got familar with at least some part of my routine work, for example, allocating the expenditures to different clients. I feel more relaxed and more comfortable at work. But today I underestimated my work too much and I made a big MISTAKE!

What I helped my co-worker to do is to correct their meeting minutes record and scanned the correct version into a PDF document. Sounds simple, right? Oh well, that’s where I made my mistake. Several clients we have in our company have pretty similar names. And when I organized the meeting minutes, I was too focused on the date difference between those minute files, so whenever I saw the exact same date and same time, I assumed it was from the same company. However, clearly it was not and I didn’t realize until I finished correcting the files, reprinted the part I corrected, put them in the wrong files and scanned those documents into our system. So I have to go back, reorganize the whole minutes files, correct the minutes I haven’t corrected, print those files out and re-scan everything. Sound bad enough? If I had worked more carefully, I only would have needed 20-30 minutes to complete it. But because I thought this task was way too simple and didn’t pay much attention, I used 20-30 minutes to complete the wrong filing, then I used up 25 minutes to reorganize the minutes, 15 minutes to correct and print the files, and cost me another 10 minutes to rescanned everything.

I’m glad this is only a minute correction. What if I hadn’t paid enough attention to the billing? Then I have to credit the book, record a journal entry, re-do billings, call the bank to get the money back, etc.

I have to say this has been great lesson for me and I hope my dear readers could learn from my mistake as well. Don’t ever underestimate your task and put 100% effort into it.

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