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East Coast Weekend Trips

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Living in Ohio my whole life and really travelling only to Florida, east coast living is different, to say the least.  Some people here act like I’m from some foreign country or anything instead of just Ohio.  There are lots of things I don’t know though.  Like pork roll….it’s a breakfast meat, who knew?  But anyway, aside from the people differences, the main change for me is having so many cool places to vist that are so close to me.  In Ohio there isn’t really anywhere to go that could just be a fun weekend trip unless you want to go camping maybe.  Here it’s so different.

Two weekends ago, we went to the Jersey shore and it was crazy.  I’ve never seen so many people squished onto one beach in my life!  There was also a boardwalk with ice cream and shops.  It was pretty cool! This past weekend, we went and stayed in Baltimore by the water and it was beautiful.  It was very quaint and water oriented.  We ate steamed crabs of course, the pride of Maryland.  I only had one…breaking animals open has never really been my thing.  We’re also planning a trip to New York for next month and want to visit Boston sometime too.  It’s nice that there’s so many things to do here to keep me busy.  It really keeps me from having time to be homesick.  While I love Ohio, I think I could get used to having so much to do so close…I don’t think I could get used to the traffic though.  But traffic’s a whole other story!

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