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So far I feel that I’ve learned one big thing and it comes back to something my dad always says, “everything in moderation”.  Don’t get me wrong, I have worked my butt off so far and really think my managers have noticed.  However, I also know that I wouldn’t be able to keep up such performance without my time off. I feel that having a work-life balance has become one of the most important parts of business today.  It seems like almost every night, the interns at Discover do something together to release any stress from work.  Just tonight I played about 6 game of volleyball with some other interns.  It was a great time and I feel refreshed and ready for work tomorrow.

Also, this whole summer I have been training to run the Columbus marathon.  I feel I cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle outside of work.  At OSU it’s a little easier because we have to walk from class to class, however in the working world its much harder.  Some days I feel like I spend almost all my days sitting, only standing to get water, go to meetings, and go to lunch.  It would be really easy to become sedentary and never do anything.  I’ve been down that path before and I know that it has negatively influenced my schoolwork and would do the same to my professional work.

Therefore, everything must be done in moderation.  There is nothing wrong with working hard as long as your not working yourself to death.  There is nothing wrong with hanging with friends as long as you can focus when you need to.  And there always needs to be a little time for physical fitness.  I am just glad that I’m working with an organization that stresses balance a lot.

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  1. Meg Flood says:

    Ted- great advice for everyone to follow! It is very easy to fall into a sedentary routine, I’m glad you have found ways to combat that!

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