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A $300 Mouse

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I recently got a new tablet.

This makes me grateful for the work-life balance that is emphasized here in the world of Corporate Finance.  I love being able to leave work and then being able to take a few hours to sit in front of the computer doing what I want– namely, drawing recently.

This is my first tablet drawing; it looks as if I am angry and sticking my tongue out, but that’s just me concentrating:

In other news, I finally go my first tablet! Enjoy this digital picture of me with my tablet!

I really like it.  Essentially, it is a glorified mouse that costs $300.  It gives you increased flexibility in creating lines and shapes, and it is more intuitive as intuitive can be when drawing on a computer.

On a previously mentioned note, Key Bank has something for every type of worker.  For those that enjoy playing with two kinds of lives, Key offers a nice job with an 8-5PM day; for those who wish for a more lucrative and adrenaline filled day, there are jobs in capital markets that offer 7:30-wee-hours-of-the-night days.

I personally feel that I haven’t really been pushed in regards to my days, but I hope that this will change in the future.


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