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I’ll start off with a theme that I saw on my site tour a few weeks ago. In the warehouse, the company had put up large posters that said “flexibility.” It said that flexibility is leaving your desk and coming back to find that it’s gone. This definitely held true for me this week! I switched over from Accounts Receivable to Accounts Payable this week. I finally got used to my daily tasks at accounts receivable and now I’m being thrown out to figure out a completely new system. I had been doing tasks for accounts payable here and there but was more just fixing their excel based databases. Accounts payable has a system that they use to track travel of all employees so I’m currently learning how that works and what all the rules about their travel are.

I’m definitely glad that I’m getting to do different things though. It’s fast paced for sure with a huge learning curve, but I’m glad to be changing things up.

I also had to make a huge adjustment in my living arrangements. Since the power went out, I stayed with a friend who lives off 8th, but I couldn’t park there so I had to bike at 6:30am back to my place a half block down from West Oakland Ave and try and lug my things back and forth so that I can brush my teeth, eat, etc. I also went home (which for me is Solon, Ohio in the greater Cleveland area) for a day the night of July 3rd. I’m going back to pick up the last thing that I forgot (I think) from my friends house in the morning, which is a week later.

It’s been a crazy week, both at work and at home(s). But I found that taking it all in stride is what got me through it. Just relaxing and not try to get worked up about having to learn so many new things or having to completely change my daily routine and living arrangements. That poster was the best advice that I’ve gotten this week.

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