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Building a Network While Roaming

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This past weekend I competed in a scrimmage through GCRA (Greater Columbus Rowing Association) along with one of my teammates from Ohio State. The majority of the members of GCRA are people that are out of college with full time jobs, some further along in their career than others.

Anyway, during some downtime at the scrimmage, I got to know some of the other people at the scrimmage. I knew that at some point that I would end up conversing with these people, maybe share some rowing stories, talk about the weather, nothing really important. But I was pleasantly surprised when one of my conversations lead to finding out more about the business world! I ended up learning more about the consulting business and outsourcing from one person, as well as, his profession as a project manager. While it wasn’t my specific field of interest, it was still great info to learn and will probably help me in the future. My teammate, who’s an engineering physics major, ended up meeting someone working for a prominent cellular company who majored in electrical engineering and now helps them manage and setup their network across the country. I never thought that I would get any professional benefit from joining GCRA, but I have been proven wrong.

If you ever get the chance to do something similar, where you get the opportunity to interact with professionals in a casual environment on a regular basis, I would definitely recommend taking that opportunity!

And if you were wondering, we had a very good race, a dead heat for first after coming from behind in the first half of the race. We ended up getting edged out and taking second, but for our inexperience in this type of rowing we did well. We were rowing in a double where you have two oars, not just one, so we were glad to have such a close race. My boat is in lane 1 (so the boat with big 1 on the bow), and if you look at the distance to the next set of buoys, we are in the lead at that point in the race.

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