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“Area of Refuge,” reads a sign above the entrance to the stairwell on the sixth floor.  When I first noticed this sign, I had visions of exasperated interns suddenly throwing all of their papers and pitch books into the air and bolting into the refuge, maybe to return.  Since my deceivingly quiet and unquestionably hilarious new friend on the intern syndication team, Pia, and I realized that no one was utilizing the stairwell in the way that it was obviously intended to be utilized, we decided to step up to the plate.  When we need a moment to regroup or get the metaphorical ants out of our pants, instead of heading downstairs for a quick cup of joe like grownups, we flee to the area of refuge—our own personal clubhouse.

Although nice to have at our disposal, the refuge has not been frequented, since Pia and I are obviously much too busy.  There have been meetings to discuss deals that are pending, launching or in-progress.  I have spent a considerable amount of time on a timeline project for a deal that slowed down, and am now going back to work on pitch book charts for a deal that was given up for dead and then miraculously recovered.  The art of the deal and the urgency and intensity that surrounds it is very exciting and intriguing to me.  There is nothing like the adrenaline rush produced from rigorous and meticulous preparation followed by unabashed participation on the field of play.

In addition to our pursuit of career and industry knowledge, our Key internship has allowed us to “invest” in friendships as well.  Just this past Saturday evening, a group of Key interns decided it was time to have an intern soirée followed by merrymaking up and down West 6th Street.  The Key interns definitely brought the party to Cleveland.

Quick! To the Area of Refuge!!!

Bullpen 2 has also been very busy bonding and upping the fun level. We are definitely rallying. No way we’re letting Bullpen 1 show us up…

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