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My Fisher Internship
Consulting in the City of Lakes

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A key part of the consulting experience is being at the client site and the Deloitte Consulting Summer Scholars are no exception.

Light Rail

Source: World Tram & Trolleybus Systems

This summer, I’ve been staffed on an engagement in Minneapolis, MN, the City of Lakes. Last Monday, I arrived at the city for the first time and have been impressed all week.

First, rather than take a cab from the airport to downtown Minneapolis, there is a light rail costing $2.25 a trip that takes you from a station in the airport to downtown in one direction and the Mall of America in the other.


Source: Public Radio Exchange

When I got downtown, I noticed that all the buildings are connected by indoor walkways. I guess the weather gets pretty terrible here in the winter, so residents use the tunnels to grab lunch, get coffee, and return to their hotels after work without having to step into the cold.

Farmers Markets

Source: Twin Cities Tour Guide

Finally, Minneapolis has a weekly farmers market on Thursdays. From my hotel to the client site, roadside markets lined the sidewalks every few yards with all the fruits, vegetables, and flowers you could want.

I haven’t gotten a chance to explore the city or lakes, but my brief interaction with downtown Minneapolis has convinced me of its fascinating-ness.

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