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Day In and Day Out

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I have entered my third week of work and am starting to finally grasp the project, client, and team. It is a relief that I can now execute some of the same procedures and policies shown to me the first few days on my own. This internship has already been exceptionally challenging because everything is brand new and I am completely out of my element. Not even the software I used for most of my work week I have ever seen before (with the exception of Excel and the occasional word document). Although I did intern with Accenture last summer, the work I am doing now is completely different.

Everyday I walk past the "bean" on the way to work.

While my internship is with Accenture, I have not been in the Accenture office in about 4 weeks. I am working actually at the Aon office, who is my client. Aon is a worldwide insurance and risk management firm. For my project, Aon has hired Accenture to build a centralized accounting system so that everything is done online and automatically. At OSU, we use Buckeyelink to schedule class, pay tuition, and check our grades. Essentially we are building a “Buckeyelink” for AON to record their accounts payable, general ledger, journal entries, invoices, expenses, and about another 50 items.

My team consists of about 10 people who work 50+ hours a week to get the job done. This specific project has been going on for over five years and has deployed already in 18 countries. As of July 1st, Accenture will add three more countries to the software. The task and work may seem simple enough but when you add in different currencies, vendors, accounting standards and perhaps some old and outdated procedures, the work piles up!

This summer I have two main responsibilities:

  • My “grown up” project is creating and building an easier invoice uploading procedure. This requires a lot of programming and script writing in software such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, SQL, Putty, and quite a few others. As an operations and logistics major I am quite out of my comfort zone. However where I do get to put my skills to use is creating the actual procedure and process. End goal: Build a more effective and efficient way to upload invoices manually.
  • Assisting the team with testing activities. When you are building Carmen or Buckeyelink you have to test all the different facets to make sure every time you click on a link, it takes you to the right location. Before the software goes “live” you have to make sure all the fields are populated with the appropriate information.

Needless to say I have a busy summer ahead of me! I have already learned so much. I am not a technology savvy person at all, but working in databases and queries has made me reconsider taking a few MIS classes.

Until next time, Erin Frederick

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  1. Margie says:

    Love the analogy to Buckeye Link!!

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