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Stress Stinks, Arrid Works (when put on)

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“Oh yea, I didn’t put on deodorant today, hmmm…. hopefully that’s not an issue.”–thoughts I think during a meeting

LUCKILY I don’t think it was an issue (whew!)

….Anyone remember that really corny yet unfortunately catchy Arrid commercial, by the way??
Here’s a video to jog your memory.

Whenever I think of stress, I always think of Arrid, it’s like, I can’t NOT connect the two! …. And now I have put that thought in your head and used a double negative, wooo!


I’m in the middle of my second week at JNJ, and right now we are going through Q2 close (second quarter close ).  Safe to say it is a stressful time! haha.  There is TONS to learn.

Over the past few days, my trainer and I have run through actuals, accruals, BVAs, POs, headcount, journal entries, etc.  This particular co-op role is very integral to close, so there is a lot of work that needs done.  Not only that, the former co-op is also training me, and I am trying to learn the process of close while simultaneously actually doing close.  Yep, definitely a lot on the plate!

Despite the work load and stress, I am content in saying that (fortunately) I do enjoy my job and I look forward to going in there everyday.  That is a fact.


Johnson and Johnson is HUGE on not only its Credo (see previous entry for more details!), but also on networking.  Eventually I’ll have to schedule one-on-ones with people from my team and teams I’ll work with closely.  We’ll discuss projects, goals, etc.

Today, I had my first one-on-one with my manager.  It was a bit intimidating, not gonna lie!  Networking in the business world is a whole different breed than networking with professors at school.

I decided to come in with an agenda that I typed up, printed, and gave to her; it served as an outline of topics we’d discuss.  The 1:1 (<–short-hand) today went great.  We got to know each other a little better, and now I feel more comfortable communicating with her.  We went over some goals and objectives I’d like to work on (as of now) during the co-op, but those will most likely change as time moves forward.  The two of us will have a one-on-one every two weeks for the rest of my co-op.

Networking is a topic constantly rehashed in business classes.  I never realized how important it was until having to actually do it! haha.  Because networking is SO important here and practically at any company, I am positive I will bring it up again in this blog.  The more I learn about dancing with the business networking beast, the more knowledge and advice I’ll impart here.

Tomorrow, my fellow co-workers and I get to do a community service event that helps out the homeless.  It’ll be nice to help out society and to take a breather from work.  Plus I’m sure it’ll be fun. :)

Until next time!



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