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Need. More. Sleep.

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I genuinely thought that my summer was just going to be a lot of relaxing and sleeping. Of course, things don’t always go as planned.

I knew that I would be spending 8 hours a day, five days a week at work and that my internship would be stimulating and busy, but I didn’t think that I would be more tired from it than a day of classes! And then, as some of you may know from my first post, I’m rowing with GCRA this summer, sometimes before work at 5:30am and other times after work at 5:30pm. I also got wrangled into coxing for GCRA’s coached program. So I sometimes get home at 8pm. I still have to make dinner. Then I have to do things for the Crew Team since our expenses and income don’t stop just because school’s out. ¬†Which leaves me the hour between 10pm and 11pm to watch tv and unwind before I have to go to sleep again and start the cycle over.

You hear it all the time, time management! From when you show up for college orientation they hit on it hard. Now I know why. I’m quickly learning that 3 trips a week to the grocery store isn’t going to work if I want any free time. I’ve started experimenting with alternate routes home so that I can cut down my 1 hour commute from Westerville to campus down by a half an hour. Something big that I learned was that showing up for work a half an hour early so that I get out at 4:30pm instead of 5:00pm makes a huge difference, cutting my commute down by at least 20 mins! I’m starting to figure things out, but I definitely wish that I had started planning my schedule during week 1, not at the beginning of week 3.

Hopefully the adjustments to my schedule free up more time in my day, I might even get more sleep!

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