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Let’s tour around Dublin together (1)

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Hey guys,

As promised, I’ll be talking about some point of interests in Ireland. There’s too much to talk about this country and its capital. Urh…who can tell me where to start? Ok. To make you guys read easier and to make myself talk about Ireland easier, I’ll put my travel blogs into series.

Now let’s get started!

Thinking about Ireland and its beer history and what comes to your mind first? Unless you don’t drink, most people would immediately think about Guinness, which was started by a man called Arther Guinness. It’s popular and people loves its special bitter taste. Because of its long history of brewing beer, when people go to Dublin, Ireland, they all would go to Guinness Storehouse.

Guinness storehouse has to be considered one of the highest buildings even though it only has seven floors. On the top of the building, it has a gravity bar, where people can drink the Guinness as much as they want and at the same time, they can view the whole city of Dublin. On the 6th floor(if I remembered it correctly), it has a Guinness Academy center to teach everyone how to correctly to pour Guinness.

On the first floor, it displayed original lease of Guinness factory for 9000 years. Of course Guinness factory 9000 years had been bought back and they could not lease the property for 9000 years any more. It’s till a interesting thing to see. With all the fun being said, I have to say I’m disappointed with how Guinness spread their company culture. First of all, their direction sign is really hard to find and I went with my friends and I also noticed that lots of travelers spent lots of time finding the entrance. Second of all, there’s not much detailed explanation or tour to tell the process of brewing a beer. Only with pictures and some unorganized audio section is not going to help travelers to learn the culture. Restaurants take more floors than the floors to introduce their own culture.  Guinness storehouse was famous for having different tastes than any other place in the world~But I have to say they make the beer too bitter and taste like medicine. Also unless you know what famous places should look like, otherwise there’s no way you can find out where every points of interest are simply based on the terrible instructions at gravity bar.

Compared with Guinness, my three friends and I all felt Jameson experience is more educated and more fun. The part Jameson factory open to public is not too big and we can only enter to visit is through guided tour. With the same student discount price 10.6 Euros, Jameson provided detailed tour with all the important machines displayed and being discussed in the tour. Through the tour, Jameson continuously demonstrate why they are different with other Whiskey(because of the three times distillation and donnot use less than 7 years Whiskey to sell to the public) and also the difference between scotch and Whiskey( Scotch would use smokey fire when brewers are malting the barley but Whiskey use less smoky fire). At the end of detailed introduction, several volunteers get the chance to taste different kinds of alcohol and better understand the difference. And all the customers could choose from straight up, Jameson with gingerial, Jameson with Sprite and Jameson with cramberry to enjoy Jameson Whiskey. To be honest, Jameson experience made me love Jameson more and on the other hand, Guinness made me decrease my passion about their brand.

Lesson of the day: Do as hard as you can to effectively introduce the company culture, otherwise it would have negative impact on customers’ experience and their degree of loving the brand.


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