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My Fisher Internship
Week One Down

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First let me say, oh my, are my excel skills lacking!  Working in finance I use excel for basically everything I do and learning how to use it along with learning all of the things I have to do for the job is difficult.  Luckily everyone I work with is extremely patient and helpful so I’m getting there slowly.  But business students, do not throw away you CSE book full of surprisingly very useful information! For the first two or three days I felt overwhelmed but it really does get better quickly.  It helps too that I’ve mastered my 50 minute commute and feel comfortable in Philly rush hour traffic.

This week is coming along better but there’s a lot going on because it’s quarter close week.  That just means everyone’s getting super antsy about meeting our targets and getting our forecasts set right. It also means everyone had to be at work at 6am Friday morning instead of the usual 8:30 so I’ll be leaving the house around 5.  That’s going to be a rough morning!

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