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My Fisher Internship
Mengjia Li Introduction

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Hello all readers, my name is Mengjia Li and I’m a senior at OSU.  My major is Accounting and I’m also minor in Math. I’m an international student, originally from Shenyang, China.  I studied in California State University, Northridge (CSUN) for two years. I was the Treasury of National Society of Leadership and Success, CSUN Chapter. I was also an accounting tutor and a math tutor in my previous college. Moreover, I volunteered as a tax preparer for helping low income people to file tax return and Ohio also has the exactly same program, called VITA, which I believe it would be a great opportunity for Accounting major to get a head start. And then I decided to transfer to OSU.  Lots of people ask me why I would leave California for Ohio. I believe studying abroad is more about finding the school where can provide me more opportunities and challenges instead of just enjoying the relaxing life-style of US. I want to learn enough and grow fast in my college years. Thus, I would say OSU is a better place for me, especially when you hear about how I got my summer internship, I believe you would totally agree with me. Ok. Enough for my background. Let me tell you guys more why I could be here to blog my summer.

The reason I’m here is because I got my first internship this summer. Under this economy, every company is more cautious about hiring new employees and it’s harder for international students to earn internship in US. Here’s a big BUT. As long as you keep looking, you will find an internship for yourself. Through Fisher Office of Career Management, I participated in a summer study abroad internship program and I would be interned in InterTrust Group in Dublin, Ireland. From what I know, Intertrust Group is a Trust and Corporate Service provider. Its headquarter is in Switzerland. It also has two local offices in US, one is in New York and the other one is in Texas. They also have four offices in China. For InterTrust Group, different offices would provide different area of practices. Dublin, Ireland office primarily provides full corporate management and private wealth services and solutions to Irish legal entities. I would be their in-house accountant to help them manage their accounts. 

 It takes me so long to get started with my first blog because of the system problem. But I’m gald the problem is fixed and I can continue blogging my experience. Thank you for reading my blog and I’ll share more stories with you guys throughout the summer.

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