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My Fisher Internship
From Chi-town to a very dry town

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Week 1: Well I’ve gone through my first full week of work with Discover Financial services and I’ve loved it all so far.  During my first week, I was put through a lot of training presentations and didn’t really get to do any actual work.  It’s not all bad though, after two days of training in the suburbs of Chicago I hopped on a plane with my fellow interns and headed for Phoenix, Arizona.  After about 4 hours in the air we picked up 5 rental cars and drove to our hotel in Phoenix.  While in Phoenix we visited the Discover call center there and listened in on all kinds of calls.  I heard student loan calls, personal loan calls, collection calls, etc.  It was a cool experience because it gave me some time to really see one side of Discover that is not present at Riverwoods, but the calls were no where near the best part of the trip.

Every lunch/dinner all us interns were taken out to eat for some of the best food I have ever had.  First for dinner we went to Cooperstown, a restaurant owned by Alice Cooper, then we went to a whole in the wall type place that serves up mexican-chinese food, then finally we ate at a place called Pinnacle Peak.  Pinnacle Peak was by far my favorite.  It was a western style place with fantastic food located in the middle of the desert.   The best part: I paid for none of the food or fun.

Once Friday came we hopped back on the next flight home and we were home by 3pm.  Overall, I’d say it was a good week.

A snapshot of the Pinnacle Peak restaurant


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