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Rocking Out in the Bullpen

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After almost two weeks on the job, I now have a much better understanding of syndication, and I was right. It IS fancy. And I probably should get some nicer suits. KeyBanc Capital Markets is definitely doing its part to ensure that its eager interns are getting hands-on, intensive experiences. I have helped prepare materials and pitch books for potential deals, had the opportunity to attend a conference call for a deal launch and helped create PowerPoints for the new analyst orientation. I have had meetings and discussions with bright, interesting employees from various industry and product groups within KBCM and have asked way too many questions.

Most of the interns are dispersed between two rooms, Bullpen 1 and Bullpen 2.

Gets intense in the Bullpen. You can't see me, but I'm in the back...

The rumor is that Bullpen 1 has more fun, so Bullpen 2 is planning to ramp up its fun level a few notches any day now. I also met some interns who work on a different floor in the equity group, but unfortunately learned that it’s considered a conflict of interest to converse with them throughout the day. Seriously ask me anything about compliance rules at KeyBank, because I am proud to say that I have poured over the compliance modules and am the most compliant intern around. With all the material non-public information that must remain non-public, I totally feel like a secret agent, which has always been my backup plan anyway…

Aside from all the work-related fun, it was also Marine Week in Cleveland, and there were tanks and helicopters all over Public Square right outside the KeyBank building! A security woman at Key told me she was confident that her future ex-husband was among the visiting marines. I immediately believed her. It definitely looked like she meant business (no pun intended).

Agent Siegal. Signing off.

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  1. Meg Flood says:

    Keep on having fun Agent Siegal!

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