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A Safari into the Corporate World: Part I–The Environment

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Hello, it is nice of you to join us today on our safari.  Please do take things lightly.

Today we venture into the dainty world of Corporate Finance Life at Key Tower in Cleveland, OH.  We shall begin with the environment.

The Environment

Populated by humans, the environment of the Corporate Finance world is conducive to comfort.  The air conditioning system whirls a constant shooosh sound throughout the entire floor, and most likely, building.  Being semi-private creatures, there appears to be makeshift five-foot walls to create the semblance of rooms, or as they say, “cubicles,” for each human to arrive in its workplace home.

Here is a Cubicle; I do not know how vicious the humans will be... so I took a picture while it was distracted.

In regards to the general setup of the  abodes, it is very organized, and patterns of very straight lines and paths made out of five-foot walls appear throughout the floor.  When one looks upwards at the ceiling, one sees a grids with every fourth square or so emitting a bright light, perhaps allowing humans to recreate the sun.  For those who are lucky, there are windows, which allows a human to see the actual sun and the environment outside the Corporate Finance World.

If one were to venture into each little abode, it becomes apparent that each residence has a keyboard, mouse, laptop, and phone–amenities any dignified, corporate human deserves.  If the human works hard, it seems that the makeshift walls are able to move out further into a larger space, and if a human is lucky, the makeshift walls can turn into true walls; such a setting is called an office.  Any additional matter in the small private space of a human is an extension of the inhabitant.  Sometimes, this manifests as oven mitts, plants, or even poorly-drawn watercolors, obviously kept in a position of pride for its sentimental value, most likely done by a miniature human offspring.

Despite creating a setting of security through dividing up a large space with makeshift walls, the human cannot let go of its primitive roots.  Everywhere, there are wards against suspicious activity– each human has multiple locks to drawers, cabinets, and even phones and laptops.  However, if one displays the appropriate behaviors, the human will openly invite you in with standardized greetings such as, “Please step into my office.”  Appropriate behaviors for approaching humans include smiling and beginning a conversation, casually leaning an elbow over the five foot wall, or peering in at the human with an unflinching gaze of curiosity.

Please stay tuned on our Safari as we go and meet the humans in our next installment.

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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Fun post!

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