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Tip #1: ALWAYS be prepared!

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From this point forward, I’ll be posting tips and takeaways from my experience, so here goes #1…

On Monday afternoon, I stepped into the hotel elevator to ride down to our opening day session of National Intern Training (NIT).  There was just one person in the elevator already - KPMG’s Deputy Chairman and COO, Henry Keizer.  Talk about a high pressure situation!  I was expecting to meet some fellow interns and a few managers teaching training, but certainly not KPMG’s #2 leader.  He introduced himself after identifying me as an intern, and asked where I was from and what practice I would be in for the summer.  He said he was happy to have me joining the firm and hoped I enjoyed training.

Just hours later, Mr. Keizer spoke to a room of 1,200 KPMG interns on the importance of building your network.  As a firm in the service industry, KPMG is all about people, and after meeting interns from Silicon Valley to Vermont and Atlanta to Seattle, I truly feel that I have extended my network beyond any expectations after just one week.  Mr. Keizer joined KPMG for the people, and I did the same.  It was such positive reinforcement for me to meet so many passionate, hardworking people who are now connected to me through the KPMG name.

One last note on this first tip to always be prepared…on any trip – no matter where to – for r ain!  Our last night in Orlando a group of interns decided on a whim to spend the evening in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  Even without umbrellas, we still had a blast watching the parade and fireworks, and of course all of the rides.  Splash Mountain was a favorite – can’t you tell?

Just put your hands up and scream – see bottom right :)


2 Responses to Tip #1: ALWAYS be prepared!

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Great advice on always being prepared – you never know who you might run into. And splash mountain is one of my favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom! So did you send Mr. Keizer a linkedin request? :)

  2. Margie says:

    And when you send Mr. Keizer a LinkedIn Request be sure to personalize the message – letting him know you are the intern he met in the elevator!

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